“Make The EZ Choice for USSA Vice President!”

As the United States Student Association’s 65th Annual Student Congress nears, I would like to announce my candidacy to be your next United States Student Association Vice President. I am running for this role because I want to continue to build on the successes of this student-run organization.

We are currently facing one of the worst attacks on higher education and students in our nation’s history. USSA has been at the forefront of the student movement by helping pass Student Aid Reform (SAFRA,) pushing the Federal DREAM to pass in the House of Representatives for the first time in history, gaining $17 billion dollars for the Pell Grant, and fighting for a successful $13 million dollar allocation to TRIO. Similarly, continuing the fight against student debt, the plight of privatization and the systematic pushing out of our sisters and brothers; undocumented, women, people of color and other marginalized communities.

As a community college transfer, queer, undocumented person of color I understand the barriers that students across the nation face everyday. I have experienced them first hand.

I am running for Vice President of USSA because I truly believe in the strength of this organization and its ability to empower and mobilize students in a way that will move us closer to making education a right for everyone, not a privilege for the few.

I am running to be your next Vice President because I want to bring more students into our amazing organization. I want to make sure that every voice is present and heard because this is the only way we can truly represent and amplify the student voice to its maximum.

Being a board member for the past two years, I’ve been part of the successes USSA has had and I’ve learned how to uplift and develop the work we do across the country.

If elected Vice President, I am confident that I will be able to harness the potential and resources the organization possesses in a manner conducive to our one key prerogative: To Educate and Empower students across the nation to fight for equal rights.

I want to provide the skills and experiences I have acquired as a student activist to the new generation of student leaders. I have done my part as a student activist and now I am ready to take the next step and help students across the nation amplify their voice to its fullest.

Elections will happen at the 65th Annual United State Student Associations National Student Congress, held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison from July 27- August 1st, 2012.

Feel free to contact me:
Email: bruinzumaya86@gmail.com

Ernesto J. Zumaya