• Flavia De La Fuente, Organizer for the Sierra Club
    • “EZ [Ernesto Zumaya] has my full endorsement (it’s an important endorsement) for USSA VP! Here is a picture of myself with Ernesto Zumaya.”
  • Gilberto Soria Mendoza, UCLA’S External Vice President’s Office Legislative Liasion & USSA Board Member
    • “Excited to support and endorse Ernesto Zumaya‘s candidacy for United States Student Association Vice President! I have worked with him for over two years and know that he will be a great Vice President who will continue the fight to make education a right!”
  • Cristopher Santos, UCLA’s External Vice President 2010-2011
    • “I fully endorse Ernesto Zumaya for the position of USSA VP. Ernesto is one of the strongest leaders I have ever met, and his well-rounded knowledge of a vast variety of issues along with his flexibility to advocate on behalf of all students is unique. On top of his evident qualifications and experience, he is also a very compassionate leader who is willing to listen and be present in good and tough times. I cannot think of a better candidate to unite and energize students all across the country!”
  • Joelle Gamble, UCLA’s External Vice President 2011-2012
  • Lana El-Farra, UCLA’s External Vice President 2012-2013
    • Ernesto Zumaya has always been and will ALWAYS be an advocate for students everywhere. The United States Student Association is lucky to have such a passionate, hard-working, and experienced individual to be running for Vice President! Good luck Ernesto! You deserve it ♥”